Our mission is to have every Albertan choose safe, healthy, active modes of transportation on a regular basis.

SHAPE provides encouragement and support to school communities to encourage their students to walk or bike to school. We work directly with school councils and/or school administration to develop ideas and plans for their school. Schools can choose event days, walking programs or a weekly/month Walking Day to promote their plans. Read More


We encourage participation in events such as International Walk to School Week, Winter Walk Day and/or Bike to School Day as a vehicle to educate and motivate students to walk to school on a regular basis.

International walk to school week

Join the movement and millions of walkers around the world as we walk to school during this week! Register your school online and ideas, and participant items will be sent to you.
​Everyone is welcome to participate!

winter walk day

Welcome To Winter Walk Day 2017! 
​You Can Register For Winter Walk Day as a School/Family, Workplace/Community, or Individual.

Wheel Week

We encourage all forms of active transport to and from school and this is why there’s a full week devoted to using wheels.  Register for 2017.


SHAPE offers a variety of different programs and resources to encourage active modes of transportation. 


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